Who are we?

A group of spiritual people who work side by side as intuitive healers providing workshops and classes to elevate human consciousness. 

Our Mission

Is to share our knowledge with the majority of people so that they may benefit from the tools to make mental, emotional and physical changes and leave an impression in the Universe which in turn will change lives and generations to come.

Our Vision

Is to see a better world with each passing day as the fog of our old beliefs dissipates to see a clear path. A path that allows us to take better decisions in out daily lives as well as giving and receiving love. Living with peace and happiness because we deserve it and it's God's pleasure providing it to us.

We Believe

In a divine intelligence that creates all life forms, we recognize that there is a power of healing that transcends all human limitations. We believe that when open up to the divine opulence that without doubt and expectations we can have a balance in harmony, mental balance, physical health and spirituality.

We Recognize

With all humbleness that we are not who do the healing but the divine creator that does it through us.