Happy International Peace Day + 5 Tips to help you achieve more peace in life today!


We often wish peace for the world, I say focus on having peace within yourself first. There is no need to become a monk or give up all your worldly possessions. Inner peace can be achieved even among the busy city life.

To achieve peace in one’s life, one must first admit that there is chaos around. This puts your ego aside to really be able to start to open up and allow that peace to flow in.

Chaos in life can show up as anger and frustrations. Perhaps things feeling like they never go right for you. Chaos can even be showing up as procrastination, like letting the laundry pile up or waiting to call that company about your bill or even paying the bill late.

Everyone’s definition of chaos in life is different based on individual lifestyles. Chaos to a freshman in college can be very different to the chaos of a single mom of 3 children.

Where ever you find yourself in life know that peace can be achieved.

The definition of peace can mean different things like:

-Peace can be eliminating procrastination and getting that task taken care of.

-Peace can be decluttering your home/ office space allowing you to think clearly.

-Peace can be loving yourself first and putting boundaries with clients, friends or loved ones.

-Peace can be eliminating toxic people from your life.

-Peace can be releasing what no longer serves you to get back into alignment with higher self.

-Peace can be adding quiet time or me time to your daily routine to avoid burnout.

Just in case you’ve been asking for it, I’m giving you permission to start creating more peace in your life. I know that by now your mind is thinking of a few things you’ve been meaning to do, but haven't yet done them. So here is your sign to get them done!

Here are some tips to help you find and achieve peace within your life:

1. Make a list of the things that you know you need to do, but bring you overwhelm just thinking about them.

2. Prioritize them from I NEED to get this done now to I can get this done in 2 weeks

3. Do no more than 3 at a time. Doing all of them at the same time can be a recipe for burnout.

4. Celebrate after crossing each task off your list! This increases your positive energy and shows your subconscious mind that it can be simple and fun to get things done.

5. Make a list of positive things you wish to add to your daily or weekly routine and start adding 1 every 2 weeks.

The energy of chaos around one's life can become heavy to carry even if it’s not tangible. It can even affect your physical health and overall happiness in life. Not to mention the lack of peace that there is in ones life from living in chaos too long.

We tend to rob ourselves of our own peace first with what seems like silly or trivial things. The more peace we have within, the more peace there is around us which means that we are ultimately contributing to the peace of the world. You have the key to adding, creating and expanding peace!

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