10 Things You Can Do To Clean, Clarify and Order Your Mind

ordenar la mente

When you have a disordered mind, the person will never be focused. And I will start by saying that the mind creates the thoughts and the thoughts are flashes of energy, when the mind is disordered the energy is sent in all directions and there is a lot of confusion. You feel that time is not enough and very little is done. The suffering and drama of the past and the worrying future.

They do not allow you to enjoy what is happening today. Keeping all the things you have to do in your head, such as payments, tasks, calls, making the market, reviewing the children's homework, preparing the birthday of a family member and, above all, achieving personal goals is crazy, and when you have an overloaded mind there is a constant feeling that there is always something else to do, but I will share some tips so you can be more efficient in your life in general.

  1. WRITE. Choose one day a month to write your goals and reach your achievements. Divide your goals into weekly, monthly, three-month, six-month, and one-year goals. Three and five years may be optional.

  2. MAKE LIST OF DAILY TASKS. Every day write a list of things to do and do the best you can, if there was a pending task at the end of the day, break the sheet and add it to the new day, so you will feel that you achieve much more and you will feel satisfied.

  3. LET GO OF THE PAST. All the situations of the past are lived experiences that our soul has chosen to learn, it would be better to focus on what are the greatest lessons you have learned from each situation that you remember, in this way your Soul will understand that it is time to move to another level of consciousness, to another degree in the school of life. If the lessons are not focused as learned, the Soul will recreate new situations to continue learning.

  4. FOCUS ON ONE TASK AT A TIME. When you put large projects such as the arrangement of the house or your work area, divide it in writing in sections, where one day you will work one area and another day another area. This way you will not feel overburdened.

  5. LIMIT THE INFORMATION YOU RECEIVE DAILY. I know that you have to keep informed about what is happening in the world through social networks, but spend a period of time for each activity such as being on the phone, watching television, or checking other people's information. When you find out about the problems, suffering or anger of other people your subconscious mind does not know how to distinguish between your own emotions and those of other people, and it is not good for your body to live other people's emotions. Praying for other people and sending them Light and allowing a Higher Power to take charge of the situation is much better.

  6. COMPARE YOU Remember that you are ONE and there are no two people alike, you have your own intelligence, your own path and your own mission. The comparison only makes you feel less than other people and your energy frequency drops and you will become depressed, and if you feel superior to others the ego will put you in a haughty position where you may be blinded and lose people in your life that really they appreciate you and opportunities that you will not see consumed by ignorance.

  7. CLEAN YOUR EMAIL. When you subscribe to so many pages or people you will receive thousands of emails, many times you will not read, or you will read tirelessly, not only will you feel drained but you will have lost a lot of time. Choose the emails that you consider valuable and keep them.

  8. NEGATIVE PEOPLE. I do not mean that you get antisocial and that you can not talk to all the people but choose the people who contribute valuable information to your life. Avoid criticism, low vibration conversations since they will usually make you angry, disappointed and drained.

  9. PROGRAM YOUR TIME. Create a calendar with schedules and focus on priorities, so that the secondary things remain for the rest of the day or the next day.

  10. YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON. We are not talking with narcissism, but from the point of unconditional love for you. From the spirit. Where you put yourself in the first place because you deserve it and you are worth it, where you strengthen yourself, you grow and expand, and already strengthened you can assist and help others. And in the human from the logic would be for example that if you do not know how to swim you can not help another who is drowning. But loving yourself also means setting limits so that they respect your space and you can respect the space of others. Devote more time to personal activities such as meditation, learn something new and take vacations or retreats.


These tips will help you to be more clear, to have mental clarity and a lot of peace, and having peace you will have more time, more expansion of consciousness and you will have encounters with your own Being, you will learn to know yourself and be your best friend, and this creates a Very high vibration where you start attracting beautiful things, situations and people to your life.

Live your life, enjoy it and Celebrate, it's worth living!