Learn to identify Energy Vampires so they do not steal your energy


Vampiros Energéticos

Personas que roban tu energía, aprende a identificarlos

We would begin by saying that there are people who live on the energy of others, perhaps in most cases they do not do so with bad intentions, but there will be a few cases that do know it and do it with treachery and advantage.

The Victim

This is the person who calls you just to tell you about their problems, how bad everything is going, because they do not want to take action to make changes.

The Spy

There is another type of person who does not make changes in his life but because he does not do well, he just wants to be sure that he does not like you either and will stay close to you to see him. This type of person usually always says to everything that yes, it will always give you the reason even if you do not have it.  

This person tells you their problems and will take care of making you worry, suffer and stress for their situations. She always has emergency things to tell you, things about life and death and she is controlling.

There is a more dangerous vampire, this type of person is inconsiderate and hostile, and comes to pretend that he is your friend or that he appreciates you and in the least opportunity humiliates you and makes you feel bad through criticism and judgment.

Steal your energy through feeling a complex of superiority, and make sure you lower your self-esteem through demoralizing you, they tell you a thousand problems and their thousand diseases until you are exhausted and if you do not pay attention or change the subject, they judge you and make you feel bad friend, and as cherry at the top of the ice cream lets you see that the five hours that you have devoted have not been for nothing.

How to identify energetic Vampires: People who tell you the same story, but do not want solutions. People who only remember you when they have problems. Self-centered people People who are always victims People with negative feelings such as envy, jealousy.

Symptoms of energetic drainage:







And even depression

Disturbances in the digestive system.

These symptoms may last up to several days.

Whatever the case, whatever vampire is draining you, I want to tell you that you have opened the door to accept those energies.

Suggestions to avoid Energy Vampires:

  • Elevates your self-esteem, to avoid feeling alone and having to accept this type of person.

  • Put limits, saying NO is wise. Do not feel committed -or- to any situation.

  • Respect other people's space.

  • Take your time your free time to learn new things to occupy your mind, grow, strengthen your belief system.

  • Eat lighter and increase your diet high in vitamins C, B12, B Complex, Omegas, as well as consume more minerals, this will make your immune system is strengthened and therefore your vibration will be higher.

  • Be compassionate with these people, since they do not know many times in conscience that they need to consume energy from other people, but do not spend much time to give your power.

  • Take care of your energy field before interacting with this type of person, imagine that you can close your aura, visualize a zyper in front of you that comes from your feet to your head specifically the crown and close it.

  • Love and value your time.

  • Be more aware that you deserve better relationships, and applying the advice above, you will attract more conscientious people to your life.

It is not about devaluing anyone since all people deserve respect, but taking care of our own energy and strengthening us will make it possible for us to help in a different way without having to drain them. Remember that we have all been created with an emotional intelligence and we will find an outlet for our problems only if we really want to make changes in our lives. Today is when there are more options to find information and help to have a healthy mental, physical and emotional balance.