Crystal Remote Viewing


Requirements: Just come with an open mind and joyful heart to learn, heal and have fun!!!
You will receive a certification.


Saturday 10:00pm - 5:00pm Sunday 10:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Ca

A past life regression using crystals is a unique experience, using a crystal grid to create a "wormhole" that will allow you to safely pass from one reality to another. Increase your vibration and frequency with this powerful technique.

Discover how the past, present and future are connected and how they influence your life now.

Through the class Crystal Remove Viewing you’ll be taken into a past life regression where you will bring back values and virtue or chose one of the issues that are bothering you in this life time, for example, if a dominant theme in your life is the fear of being alone, you will be directed to focus on the thought and the feeling, "I'm all alone."  This serves as a bridge from your present feelings to a relevant past life memory.

Some past life memories are of happy and fulfilling lives. These good lifetimes help us understand and appreciate our present positive attitudes, talents, and good relationships. 

Other memories that surface in past life therapy are of past life trauma, usually a traumatic death.   It is the past life trauma that continues to affect us emotionally, mentally, and physically, causing difficulties in many aspects of our present life.

By clearing, healing and resolving these painful memories, and understanding the context of the past life and death, the emotional intensity loses its grip.  We can finally let go of the past and move forward in our lives.  We feel lighter, as if a burden has been lifted.

This is the heart of the work, to heal the deepest part of us, our soul.  You will not get “stuck” in these traumatic memories, you are just observing and will be guide to go through the experience so you can get the full benefit of the process. 

The healing can be instantaneous or can be subtle and noticeable over time.

And you can have the experience to a future life progression, travel to distant lands, another times and bring back into this life time all the attributes, values, virtues and good lessons that you accomplish life after life and apply them in your today life for your best and highest good.

Anyone can do this! No prior experience necessary. You can ask questions about your life. Discover a way to easily and effortlessly release fears. Bring clarity and truth to your challenges.

The Crystal technique speeds the process up considerably and allows strong image and focus throughout the session. The crystals create a frequency of theta-wave that is 4-7 cycles per second with the brain, this is normal sleep state or very deep meditation.

The Crystals when activated to the body, create a grid system which activate the cells in the body and the etheric plane.

In a crystal layout session, specific crystals are placed on the chakras and around the body to assist the recipient/client in reaching a deep meditative state.

A crystal layout session is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, transformational healing experience and full of spiritual growth.


Reasons someone would want to do a past life regression:

To Explore other lives

Heal situations in this life and past lives

Time travel &

Expand their consciousness


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This program offers a toolkit designed to help you:

  • Discover past life relationships with loved ones, helping you to create a deeper understanding of your behaviors and patterns with them now.

  • Heal pain and trauma, from different past lives

  • View, collect and bring back knowledge and gifts that you acquired in other times and places.

  • Remove fears and understand where they originated.

  • Experience a clear communication with your Spirit Guides and Angels.

  • Safely experience been a clear channel to communicate with loved ones that have already crossed over.

  • Define your Soul Path and Mission.

  • Glance at your future in this incarnation, or the next or possible ascension.

  • Experience the Love of Creator and the Universe


"Just by giving yourself the opportunity to open up to infinite possibilities knowing that there is something more than this physical world and that we can have access to that field to enjoy the adventure of healing which often happens without making an effort, just observing the events and the role that we play in each life, it is a delight for the Soul and Spirit to witness." -Beatriz Blanco


Crystal Remote Viewing Class

What you will learn:

  • This is a two day Class

  • The first day you will learn:

  • How the technique works

  • How crystals work

  • Learn about different kinds of crystals

  • What crystals to not use and why

  • How to make a crystal grid

  • Stories and testimonies about regressions

  • Clear beliefs or fears about performing a Past life regression.

  • Downloads

  • Practical experience

  • You will learn how guide your clients, friends or relatives through the process of regression.

  • We will go hands on exercises, and have the experience going into different past lives, and do the process from beginning to the end.

  • How to assist them to heal issues and resolves unfinished business.

  • How to retrieve knowledge, virtues and values, instill them into your recipient/client.

  • and be multiplying tenth fold, so he/she can use them in this life time.

  • How to clear resentments, rejections and regrets before death.

  • You will assist your recipient/client to see the lessons that the Soul came to this plane to learned in each life time .

  • Questions and answers.


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Crystal Remote Viewing Class