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Crystal Remote Viewing Pt2: Adventure of The Soul


My main Mission in this life time is soon to be complete.

It is now and always has being to teach and guide access to other dimensions and honor the Soul. Once

someone has cleared a lot of the fears and blocks from their DNA it allows you to achieve constant

access, from within and without to your Creator, your dreams and your mission. This allows

consciousness and Soul to achieve movement and access to vital information.

We as people are on the verge of taking our conscious place in the Solar System!!

We need to achieve Vibration of Light. Our Human bodies have being making subtle changes to be

capable of anchoring this energy. We must maintain and be open and alert to be the subtle changes in

the Earth as well as the Universal Consciousness, so while you are learning this fun and simple

Technique you have entry and access o true power.

With power comes responsibility, Balance must be maintain between those seeking power for

advancement and those seeking power for control.

The scale of experience with this technique is so incredible. I have being doing

The Crystal Layouts for years. I have witnessed breakthrough of consciousness, understanding of

present situations.

Most lives are very typical , the lessons of the lives are similar, but with practice

You will make amazing discoveries.

Exploring the Realms and dimensions of our mind, and Soul will lift you to heights that before you didn’t

know existed. I have met six jumpers so far in my practice, and I am working on a book of the jumpers

and their experiences and the thread that runs between them. Now we will travel to different dimensions and

planes. Worlds, Dimensions and other Planets.

-Cristina High

This Class if for you:

If you are a natural explorer

If you feel ready for a Galactic adventure.

If you want to know what your real mission is.

If you want to get out of the human paradigm.

If you want to expand your senses to another level.

if you want to have accurate direct replies from the source.

If you want to know the place you occupy on this planet and in Universe.

If you want to heal past life issues that are affecting you in this life time.

If you want to recover information and knowledge from different places

in our planet and solar system

Benefit of the Crystal Remote Viewing Class Part Two:

Our nature is to be superhuman, we have many gifts and senses that we use in a minimum part.

We could help more to heal, to be filled with virtues and to have the incomparable excitement of exploring beyond this human experience. It would be marvelous to be able to bring to ou present time millenary knowledge, answers from the Universe that we have asked ourselves some time, know places that exist somewhere in Universe and that for many people are only myths or legends.

Now we have the possibility not only of to pray purely but the accurate possibility of talking with God, our Creator and be in front of an Archangel or any Being of Light and being guided, receiving advice and guidance on how to improve our life and reach to fulfill our true mission.

To be able to experience peace and live a full life as a human, as a wife as a son, as a father, as friend. As neighbor and being able to offer more to our community creating a new race and leaving a true legacy to our future generations

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