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Crystal Remote Viewing Class Part 1

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If you have always been intrigued about
-past life regressions
-finding your soul family or
-healing relationships in a past life then, you will want to RSVP your spot today!


Join us August 25 & 26 for Crystal Remote Viewing Class
A two day hands-on class all about using crystals grids to travel into a past life to heal issues that are bothering in your life today.

What you'll learn & experience:
How to successfully facilitate a past life regression on yourself and on others

Know exactly which crystals to use and where in the body to place them

Learn to successfully heal any past life trauma and

to clearly remember any past knowledge need in your life today

Experience time traveling, seeing your Soul learn and experience life allowing you to bring forth all the lessons, positive virtues and values into your life today, 10x fold.

This is an experience you'll want to be apart of!

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