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Elizabeth Q.

"Jenn is a beautiful, generous and gifted individual. For over a decade I have repeated negative patterns and felt blocks in all areas of my life that I thought were ‘normal’. Jenn gave me permission to accept that life can be beautiful and abundant if you choose it to be so. I am most proud of achieving my dream work project. Jenn helped me get that.

I feel she truly has a gift and is so generous and kind with it. I feel the benefit of working with Jenn 1:1 because there is focus and privacy. I can be honest. I feel immediate results. I feel the space we work in is safe and sacred. I feel protected by Jenn and anything that comes up in the moment can be looked at and worked through I would absolutely recommend working with Jenn to my friends and already have! I would say my life has greatly improved."


Paige K.

"I can honestly say all of the work Jenn has guided me thru has been more effective than countless years of therapy and healers. She not only gets to the bottom of core issues within minutes, but she also effectively clears all blockages in mental/spiritual/physical/emotional bodies.

Every time I leave a session I feel so much weight lifted from me. I honestly cannot imagine life without her- she is definitely going to be my healer for life. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Jenn and would recommend her expertise to all- anyone who gets to work with Jenn is in for a real treat."


Kelly L.

"I was in a very down, dark place when I was lucky enough to find Jenn a few months ago and since then she has truly been like a guardian angel. Jenn has been so much more than a healer to me- it's like having a life coach/therapist/friend/healer/psychic all wrapped into one.

Beyond providing clarity or insight/ intuition into certain situations or areas of your life that you may be unsure of, Jenn is also able to help you see things in a new light and pull you through to a higher state of mind that you wouldn't have necessarily been able to access otherwise. Our sessions are one of the best parts of my week and I always come out feeling more whole, calm and loved. My energy has shifted drastically, and some really amazing things have already manifested as as a result of our work together. I can't wait to see what else is in store!"


Michelle S.

"I had a reading with Jenn and she really knocked my socks off, not only did she heal what I was going through but she was able to offer guidance on how to work through the issue. She opened up the door for transformational healing for me. The very same day I did my reading with Jenn, I received news that provided me exactly what I needed and was moving (to a new place) and manifesting. Jenn is a master manifestor!"