Aligned Momentum Intensive

Manifest with ease. Live Your Best Life.


Imagine having all that you desire in your life now.

The only problem?

Right now, you're only manifesting trickles instead of abundant flow.

You've probably read all the personal development books and tried to trouble shoot it by yourself.

And It's not that you haven't tried hard enough. In fact you've probably tried it all from the motivational seminars to even hiring a psychics.

But it's only left you feeling overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated making you feel like this might just not be possible for you.

Wondering if it's even worth spending anymore more time and money on this.

I get it, I've been there and trust me it's not cute feeling like your life is stuck on repeat having you live the same year, year after year.

However, I will say that living your best life will require you to be willing to do the inner and outer work and be able invest in yourself daily.

To be humble and willing to learn and apply the knowledge and tool even if you think you already know this. (Because if you did, you wouldn’t be here reading this ;) <3

Also to let go that this is a once-and-done process to get rich quick.

Elizabeth Q.

"Jenn is a beautiful, generous and gifted individual. For over a decade I have repeated negative patterns and felt blocks in all areas of my life that I thought were ‘normal’. Jenn gave me permission to accept that life can be beautiful and abundant if you choose it to be so. I am most proud of achieving my dream work project. Jenn helped me get that.

I feel she truly has a gift and is so generous and kind with it. I feel the benefit of working with Jenn 1:1 because there is focus and privacy. I can be honest. I feel immediate results. I feel the space we work in is safe and sacred. I feel protected by Jenn and anything that comes up in the moment can be looked at and worked through I would absolutely recommend working with Jenn to my friends and already have! I would say my life has greatly improved."

Ready to get the momentum you need to start attracting all that you desire in your life? 

Jenn, I've been so ready since last year!


Living your best life is possible when you are in alignment in mind, body and spirit.

The meaning of abundance is different to everyone. For some it's money, clients, cars, homes and other material things, and to others it may be more time, love or health.
Whatever it is you're trying to manifest or attract into your life, I believe you can have it with all my heart! What we need to do is align ourselves to it. 

When I teach you how to manifest anything you want into your life, I actually teach you how to heal on a deeper level.
Why? Because in order to align you to what you want, we need to resolve what’s already here. (I’m not about the “Get-Rich-Quick” life)⠀
Yes, it means doing some inner work. But I’m on a mission to shift the stigma and dogma that healing is a boring and long drawn out process.⠀
It can actually be fun to discover yourself, to peel layers of yourself that have been holding you back and to step into a higher version of yourself with more ease and more flow.⠀
The Alignment Momentum Intensive is designed for you resolve issues, traumas and mindset limitations faster and easier than years and years of conventional therapy.⠀
I truly believe that good, conscious and heart centered people, like you help others rise.⠀

Paige K.

"I can honestly say all of the work Jenn has guided me thru has been more effective than countless years of therapy and healers. She not only gets to the bottom of core issues within minutes, but she also effectively clears all blockages in mental/spiritual/physical/emotional bodies.

Every time I leave a session I feel so much weight lifted from me. I honestly cannot imagine life without her- she is definitely going to be my healer for life. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Jenn and would recommend her expertise to all- anyone who gets to work with Jenn is in for a real treat."

The Aligned Momentum Intensive

You + Me + 2 Hours together =

results that most don’t accomplish in an entire year.

Welcome Questionnaire:

Before our session you’ll get to fill out a questionnaire to provide me with everything I need to know about you so that we can hit the ground running on our intensive.

Our 2 Hours 1:1 Session

Our two hour 1:1 private intensive will be hosted via Zoom so we can connect face to face, while taking a deep dive into your life. Expect to get down to the nitty gritty of what you truly need to reach your goals together! This intensive is also recorded for lifetime access.

Exclusive Email + Voxer Access

Let's be honest here... questions will come up as you're implementing your plan. And I want you to be able to ask them!

For 14 days after our session, you will receive unlimited feedback and support from me on everything from energy alignment, fears and mindset blocks that come up.

This can be done through both email and/or Voxer (a phone app that allows us to text or voice each other back and forth and my clients' favorite resource... ME in your back pocket).

Happy Feet Dance

This is when we both get to come together and celebrate just how much you've accomplished within our time together! Obviously, a favorite moment for all. :)

Monthly Bonus:

Book before April 15th and enjoy a bottle of MySoulCBD on me. ($60 Value)
A supplement I love and use to help ease anxiety, fears and racing thoughts without THC.

Kelly L.

"I was in a very down, dark place when I was lucky enough to find Jenn a few months ago and since then she has truly been like a guardian angel. Jenn has been so much more than a healer to me- it's like having a life coach/therapist/friend/healer/psychic all wrapped into one.

Beyond providing clarity or insight/ intuition into certain situations or areas of your life that you may be unsure of, Jenn is also able to help you see things in a new light and pull you through to a higher state of mind that you wouldn't have necessarily been able to access otherwise. Our sessions are one of the best parts of my week and I always come out feeling more whole, calm and loved. My energy has shifted drastically, and some really amazing things have already manifested as as a result of our work together. I can't wait to see what else is in store!"


 Hey there, I'm Jenn Rodriguez! 

I’m hoping you dig a big heart with a goofy personality where if Unconditional Love and The Law of Attraction had a baby, it would me.

I am on an unapologetic mission to help purpose driven women finally manifest the life they desire so that they can live their best life with ease and grace. 


Because I've learned that it's less about hustling and doing all the things and more about intention + aligned action to your soul purpose that creates the manifested reality you desire. 

I've worked with more than 1000+ clients, writers, actors, singers, DJ's, healers, coaches, therapists and service based entrepreneurs helping them shift their mindset and their energy to radically transform their lives.




Michelle S.

"I had a reading with Jenn and she really knocked my socks off, not only did she heal what I was going through but she was able to offer guidance on how to work through the issue. She opened up the door for transformational healing for me. The very same day I did my reading with Jenn, I received news that provided me exactly what I needed and was moving (to a new place) and manifesting. Jenn is a master manifestor!"



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