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Imagine having all that you desire in your life now.

The only problem?

Right now, you're only manifesting trickles instead of abundant flow.

You've probably read all the personal development books and tried to trouble shoot it by yourself.

And It's not that you haven't tried hard enough. In fact you've probably tried it all from journaling, meditation and even visualizing.

But it's only left you feeling overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated making you feel like this might just not be possible for you.

Wondering if it's even worth spending anymore more time and money on this.

I get it, I've been there and trust me it's not cute feeling like your life is stuck on repeat having you live the same year, year after year.

However, I will say that living your best life will require you to be willing to do the inner and outer work and be able to invest in yourself daily.

To be humble and willing to learn and apply the knowledge and tools even if you think you already know this.

Also to let go that this is not a once-and-done process to get rich quick.


Elizabeth Q.

"Jenn is a beautiful, generous and gifted individual. For over a decade I have repeated negative patterns and felt blocks in all areas of my life that I thought were ‘normal’. Jenn gave me permission to accept that life can be beautiful and abundant if you choose it to be so. I am most proud of achieving my dream work project. Jenn helped me get that.

I feel she truly has a gift and is so generous and kind with it. I feel the benefit of working with Jenn 1:1 because there is focus and privacy. I can be honest. I feel immediate results. I feel the space we work in is safe and sacred. I feel protected by Jenn and anything that comes up in the moment can be looked at and worked through I would absolutely recommend working with Jenn to my friends and already have! I would say my life has greatly improved."


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Living your best life is possible when you are in alignment in mind, body and spirit.
Whatever it is you're trying to manifest or attract into your life, I believe you can have it with all my heart! What we need to do is align ourselves to it. 

When I teach you how to manifest anything you want into your life, I actually teach you how to heal on a deeper level.
Why? Because in order to align you to what you want, we need to resolve what’s already here. (I’m not about the “Get-Rich-Quick” life)⠀
Yes, it means doing some inner work. But I’m on a mission to shift the stigma and dogma that healing is a boring and long drawn out process.⠀
It can actually be fun to discover yourself, to peel layers of yourself that have been holding you back and to step into a higher version of yourself with more ease and more flow.⠀
Magnetic Abundance Mastery is a 7 Week Online Group Program designed for you to attract more miracles, more opportunities and more money by helping you resolve issues, traumas and mindset limitations faster and easier than years and years of conventional therapy.⠀
I truly believe that good, conscious and heart centered people, like you help others rise.⠀


Paige. K

"I can honestly say all of the work Jenn has guided me thru has been more effective than countless years of therapy and healers. She not only gets to the bottom of core issues within minutes, but she also effectively clears all blockages in mental/spiritual/physical/emotional bodies.

Every time I leave a session I feel so much weight lifted from me. I honestly cannot imagine life without her- she is definitely going to be my healer for life. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Jenn and would recommend her expertise to all- anyone who gets to work with Jenn is in for a real treat."


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7 Weekly Video Lessons

Receive 7 weekly video lessons via member login. Join the LIVE round and get lifetime access to all the material even after the program is over so that you can use it again and again as needed.

7 Weekly Group Healing Video Calls

Weekly Group Video Call to come together and discuss the material implemented during the week + LIVE Healing & Clearing with me!

Exclusive Facebook Group

Get exclusive access to me during the 7 weeks via Facebook Group to help you answer any questions that may arise giving you the support you need.

Bonus: 5 Day Manifesting Challenge Videos

The 5 Day Manifesting Challenge Videos will be added as a bonus to remind you of your Unique Manifesting Formula.

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 Hey there, I'm Jenn Rodriguez! 

I’m hoping you dig a big heart with a goofy personality where if Unconditional Love and The Law of Attraction had a baby, it would be me.

I am on an unapologetic mission to help purpose driven women finally manifest the life they desire so that they can live their best life with ease and grace. 


Because I've learned that it's less about hustling and doing all the things and more about intention + aligned action to your soul purpose that creates the manifested reality you desire. 

I've worked with more than 1000+ clients, writers, actors, singers, DJ's, healers, coaches, therapists and service based entrepreneurs helping them shift their mindset and their energy to radically transform their lives.


I was tired of seeing women manifesting trickles and settling with just enough, hoping things would get better without getting to the root of the problem. Which is why Magnetic Abundance Mastery covers both the inner work (healing & mindset) along with the outer work (practical physical things to shift the energy) alongside a group environment to give you the most success, because when you and I heal, the world heals.



Kelly L.

"I was in a very down, dark place when I was lucky enough to find Jenn a few months ago and since then she has truly been like a guardian angel. Jenn has been so much more than a healer to me- it's like having a life coach/therapist/friend/healer/psychic all wrapped into one.

Beyond providing clarity or insight/ intuition into certain situations or areas of your life that you may be unsure of, Jenn is also able to help you see things in a new light and pull you through to a higher state of mind that you wouldn't have necessarily been able to access otherwise. Our sessions are one of the best parts of my week and I always come out feeling more whole, calm and loved. My energy has shifted drastically, and some really amazing things have already manifested as as a result of our work together. I can't wait to see what else is in store!"


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Week 1: The Past

Create a new money story releasing resentments, shame & guilt around the management and use of money. We’ll clear collective consciousness around lack and move out of survival mode.

Week 2: Family & Parents

We’ll take a look at generational beliefs around money coming from our family or parents. Create a new money story, one that serves us now in the modern times.

Week 3: The World

Here we’ll take a look at the story we tell ourselves about how the world sees us. We’ll learn to reframe our mindset and clear judgments and rejections from past personal and business relationships.

Week 4: Connections

Let’s start moving into a high-vibe place to attract your tribe, your kind of people. Increase connections to help you thrive, letting go of judgement and comparison mode.

Week 5: Abundance

Start to magnetize all that is a vibrational match to you. Here we’ll clear income ceilings and empower you to attract miracles, opportunities and money.

Week 6: Power

Step into your Divine Power, aligning you to your higher self where you can confidently and fearlessly show up and share what you do with ease and grace.

Week 7: Visioning

Ready to live your dream life? I’ll teach you how to use your Unique Manifesting Formula alongside all your goals to co-create, no more waiting or being the passenger in your life.


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The program actually helps you:

Heal past wounds from the root - Therapists and psychologists literately come to me because they tell me that the work we do, heals faster and easier than countless years of therapy.

I'm on a mission to make healing fun again, where it's fun to peel back the layers and uncover what's been hiding, YOU.

Clear limiting beliefs from your DNA - Breaking generational patterns & curses. No longer let your DNA work against you. Let's unlock your Divine birth-right of abundance and unleash the magic within your cells.

Create an abundant mindset - One that won't knock you down when the job, contract, audition or client doesn't come through. One where you are always magnetizing the right everything for your best and highest good.

Be around like minded peeps - Because an abundant mindset begins with a high-vibe tribe and that’s what the group portion of the program will do. You need other like minded peeps who have big goals and dreams like you, and you need and want people fanning your flames not dousing your fire.


Basically, it’s 7 weeks to reprogram your mind and energy to Magnetize; to effortlessly attract all the dream opportunities I know you're eager to jump on.



Michelle S.

"I had a reading with Jenn and she really knocked my socks off, not only did she heal what I was going through but she was able to offer guidance on how to work through the issue. She opened up the door for transformational healing for me. The very same day I did my reading with Jenn, I received news that provided me exactly what I needed and was moving (to a new place) and manifesting. Jenn is a master manifestor!"


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Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers:


What happens after I join Magnetic Abundance Mastery?

You’ll receive a Thank You email guiding you to join the exclusive Facebook group for the program

Log-In details: Your log-in details will be delivered a week before we start on June 10th giving you plenty of time to get set up and familiar with the members log-in area.

Orientation: We’ll have a BONUS orientation video call May 24th to help you get prepared and know more of what to expect.

Is there a refund policy?

No. Because it’s a mix of a digital product and live program we don’t give refunds.
Also when you’re all in on something without a back up plan, you actually show up ;)

If I sign up with the payment plan, can I choose the date which I pay?

The day you sign up is the you will get billed monthly.
Ex. You signed up the 17th, every month you’ll be billed the 17th for the remainder of the payment plan.

Can you guarantee results?

I can’t guarantee results as results are varied. What I can guarantee is that you will get out, what you put into it.
If you do the work, apply everything you learned, you’ll see results.

How much support can I expect from Jenn?

There will be weekly LIVE calls during the 7 weeks of the program for group healing + to make sure all of your Magnetic Abundance Mastery Questions are answered before moving on to the next lesson.

Jenn will also jump into the Facebook group as needed to answer any quick questions that come up when you #askjenn in the post.

Think you'll need more 1:1 Support?

I got you covered. Those that join have the option to add-on (4) 1 Hour Sessions with me (value $600) for only $240 -option appears at checkout- or send me an email at

Why should I invest in Magnetic Abundance Mastery when I could read a book and get the information for much cheaper?

  1. You shouldn’t have to do anything.

  2. When you invest in yourself you’re showing The Universe that you’re committed to shifting things in your life.

  3. Magnetic Abundance Mastery is about applying the knowledge into every day life.
    The #1 thing I see stopping people from manifesting all that they desire is knowing, but not taking action. Specifically the aligned inspired action that is unique to your Soul’s desire. Until now, most manifesting “how-to’s” seems very generic and doesn’t take into account your unique self and soul.

Why should I join now?

By enrolling into this current LIVE round right now, you LOCK IN the program at its current lowest price + get access to Jenn during the 7 weeks.

After that, you’ll only have lifetime access to the material, but not to Jenn.