Monica Blanco
ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Akashic Record Reader, Clearing Energy Healing Practitioner

Born in Guatemala and raised in Los Angeles for most of her life, Monica was given the gift to see elements and energy. Throughout her life she’s always had premonitions. Ever since she can remember, she has been seen all types of energies and entities such as ghosts, beings, spirits guides and angels. She not only has the gift of sight, but can feel and sense spirits as well as connect to other individual's energy and feel what is going on in their world and life. Seeing, feeling and interacting with the spiritual world since childhood has allowed Monica to master dealing with these energies. She is very gifted at healing and cleaning energy. 

Many times the space where we spend most of our time in, like our home and our work area, will have energies that make us feel drained. For example, people can be more accident prone, sick, experience a change in personality, or feel that their life is threatened and they have no idea why. These type of energies affect our health, happiness, prosperity and relationships. Monica is able to pinpoint the causes and dive right through to the Source. She clears these energies by allowing the power of the creator to work through her. 

Besides being a gifted healer, Monica also uses her empathic and clairvoyant abilities to help give people guidance, insight and direction in their life. She is able to get very clear understand future outcomes in areas of love, career and health.

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Her healing process is amazing.”

MONICA! I did an energy healing here (1 hour session, $125) because I've been feeling an emotional blockage and overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety. Monica was my healer and she was AMAZING! She begins with a consultation about your life, what energies you want to remove from your body and what energies you want them replaced with. She does a great job listening to you about what you need to remove from yourself and she takes notes. Her healing process is amazing. She is very professional and explains to you how she will remove the negative from you and replace it with positive. You can feel the positivity exuding from her. She's very good at what she does and I will definitely go to her again.

— Kimmy C., Lancaster