Past Life Regression Sessions

We can work on healing any issue you would like that is affecting you right now, in this lifetime.

It can be a pattern or cycle you wish to change, like always attracting unhealthy relationships or unhealthy money blocks.

We can also work on healing something physical like like an illness.

During the session the practitioner will create a crystal grid around the body and guide you in deep theta state meditation that will allow your subconscious mind to tap into those memories of your Soul.

By doing this you will get to see and remember clearly your past lives.

The practitioner will guide you every step helping you heal any past trauma and bring forth all the positive lessons and virtues needed for you to heal in this lifetime.


What to expect...

  • We can work on anything from fears and limiting beliefs to happiness, relationships, abundance, career, fertility and more.

  • The practitioner will ask your verbal permission for every belief change and for any healing that is done.



Rates are based on duration.

Practitioners Available:

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